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One thing I look for in a partnership is not just the quality of the product, but also the relationship with the author. I want products that are easy to sell and Draycir have made that very easy for me. Product collateral, product understanding, demonstrations and product knowledge to the sales team have all been excellent.

ISB Global

We have been providing Spindle Document Distribution to our SAP Business One Customers for many years, due to its direct business benefits and simplicity. It is easy to install and configure and works within complex environments. We have also been impressed with the Credit Hound product, and the SAP Business One connector, which our customers have been snapping up.


The recent release of the Spindle Document Capture software, opens up many more value added benefits to users of Sage software. Using the products in house enables us to enjoy these benefits ourselves.

Harley Grove

Spindle Document Distribution is a door opener for other products. At virtually every Sage demo, I attempt to introduce Spindle Document Distribution into the discussions, a move which regularly results in multiple software sales.


Credit Hound has become a core product for Innov8 Technology and I highlight its benefits to all of my customers. All companies need excellent credit control and Credit Hound is a great tool for any company. It's always top of my list when speaking to customers.

Century Software

As well as being a product that is easy to sell in its own right, Spindle Document Distribution's impressive ROI is an invaluable selling tool - turning many major client investment discussions from being cost-based, to ones of cost savings.